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Top Family And Divorce Lawyers/Advocates in Nagpur
"Getting ahead in a profession requires avid faith in yourself people with mediocre talent, but with great inner drive, go much further than people with vastly superior talent"


About us

Adv. Smita Sarode - Singalkar ( BA, PGDHRE, LL.B, LL.M , MBA ) is practicing at Bombay High Court (Bench at Nagpur) She is Executive Member of National Green Tribunal Bar Council , member of District Criminal Injuries & Rehabilitation Board ( Govt of Maharashtra), Ex. Member Worked with National Commission for Women (Fact Finding Committee for Rape Case at Murmadi), Socio Consultant & Trainer & Socio Writer & Activist Adv Smita is providing free l aid to the prisoners of the Central Prisons in Nagpur with the District Aid Services Authority. Advocate Smita is also conducting awareness classes for marginalized groups. She is planning to conduct para training program in the central jail of Nagpur and the Juvenile Homes or Remand homes. Her interventions in domestic violence cases created lot of awareness amongst the lawyers and judiciary. She is working proactively on the human rights issues focusing on the concept of ‘Access to Justice’.

She is participating in conducting programs against Global Warming with the children and initiating the participation of school going children in rallies against fire crackers. She brought the issues of child labour and child exploitation into discussion of the public agenda through these rallies and her articles in the news papers.


Adv Smita Sarode-Singalkar is practicing at Nagpur High Court since 2007. Dealing with criminal, domestic violence and family related cases. Represented victims of crime and violence in various cases at Nagpur Central Jail. Handling Public Interest Litigation's (PIL) at High Court Nagpur. Conducted a social justice tour to all districts of Maharashtra by covering one district per month. This tour was attempt to understand people and various legal issues and identify socio-legal issues of that district, bringing awareness of rights and duties and sensitizing stakeholders on socio-legal issues. The tour began with visit to Sangli District from 5th to 10th June 2012. Around 4000 people were reached from 14 villages across 8 Taluka places and 1 District place. Interaction program with Judges of Nagpur District on the right based perspective in victims of Domestic Violence.

Working as a socio-legal advocate to give free legal aid to the Prisoners of Nagpur Central Prison, Nagpur. Have been associated and working with various groups on issues of women rights. Have been conducting advocacy campaigns for sex workers with ‘Red Cross Society’ & sex workers. Worked with various groups on disability right.

Selected as Asia’s young leader and represented India for “Asian Youth Leadership Summit 2009” held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Participated and was invited for “National Commission Women” workshop held at New Delhi 2010.

Running a Rape Survival Unit to provide legal aid and assistance to the rape victims.

Majlis Fellow 2009 (Women Rights Organization, Mumbai) Has been awarded with fellowship by Majlis to work on issues of women’s rights and represent them in the Court. Organized a legal awareness programmes ‘Know your rights’ for the Prisoners in Nagpur Central Jail, Nagpur.

As a Speaker

Maharashtra Officers Forum on “भारताचे संविधान – नागरिकास दर्जाची व संधीची समानता – आजचे वास्तव” २० मार्च २०१८, आंबेडकर महाविद्यालय, दिक्षाभूमी नागपूर
महिला व बालकल्याण विभाग नागपूर ८ मार्च २०१८
Program of felicitate women for their significant achievement & contribution various fields, organized by ICC Vasantrao Naik govt. institute. “International Women’s Day on 8th March 2018”

महिलांचे अधिकार, धनवटे नॅशनल कॉलेज जनसंवाद विभाग नागपूर
“संविधान आणि मानवाधिकार” या विषयावर विशेष व्याख्यान आयोजित करण्यात आले. इमामवाडा नागपूर
Training of Class I, II & III Employees on “International Womens Day ” at United New India Assurance Nagpur Engineering on 8th March 2017
Seminar on “Sexual harassment of women at work place under regulation organized by Vasantrao Naik, Government Arts & Social Science Organization
(Moris College)” Nagpur on 29th Feb 2017

Workshop on “Women Security against sexual harassment at working place under regulation 2013” at Priyadarshini J. L. College of Engineering on 25th Feb 2017
As a Chief Guest at Samrat Ashok Bahuddeshiya Vikas Samajik Sanstha, Nagpur on 8th January 2017.
माजी सैनिक महिला संघटना व महात्मा फुले शिक्षण संस्था, रेशीमबाग नागपूर यांच्या तर्फे महात्मा फुले सभागृह येथे दि. 08 जानेवारी २०१७ ला “कन्यारत्न मातांचा सत्कार समारंभ”
On the occasion of “Mahacriticon” 2016 Nagpur 4th Maharashtra State Conference of Critical Care Medicine organized by Society of Critical Care Medicine, Nagpur Branch at IMA Hall, Nagpur on “Mrityunjay” on 25th Nov 2016.
ज्ञानयोद्या व्याख्यानमाला नागपूर आयोजित “नाही म्हणण्याचा अधिकार” या विषयावर व्याख्यान. २३ ऑक्टोंबर २०१६. धरमपेठ सोसायटी , नागपूर
“Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace” organized by Sarakshi Netralaya, Nagpur on 16th October 2016.

महाराष्ट्र एअर वॉरीयर वेल्फेअर असोसिएशन तर्फे सेंटर पॉइंट स्कूल, सोमलवाडा नागपूर येथे दि. १३ मार्च २०१६ महिलांकरिता “महिलांचे प्रश्न व मृत्युपत्राचे महत्व”

शिक्षक भारती या शिक्षक संघटनेच्या वतीने दि. १३ मार्च २०१६ “जागतिक महिला दिनाचा कार्यक्रम व नागपूर विभागातील उपक्रमशील-समाजसेवी महिला शिक्षकांचा गौरव समारंभ’’

“Legal Awareness in Women” organized by Taywade College, Mahadula,

Koradi, Nagpur on 8th March 2016.

नागपूर महानगर पालिका तर्फे नागपूर येथे दि. ०८ मार्च २०१६ जागतिक महिलादिन निमित्त “महिलांविषयी कायदे व धोरणे”

शिवाजी सायन्स कॉलेज, नागपूर तर्फे दि. ०८ मार्च २०१६ जागतिक महिलादिना निमित्त “महिलांचे हक्क या विषयावर जाहीर व्याख्यान”

“Key Note Speaker” on the Annual Day Function organized by The C.D.S. School at Scientific Hall, Laxmi Nagar, Nagpur on 18th Feb, 2016.

जिल्हा महिला व बाल विकास अधिकारी, बुलढाणा व महिला आर्थिक विकास महामंडळ, बुलढाणा तर्फे “क्रांतीज्योती सावित्रीबाई फुले जयंतीनिमित्य महिला मेळावा”, प्रशासकीय इमारत सभागृह, बस स्टड समोर, बुलढाणा येथे दि. ०३ जानेवारी २०१६ महिलांकरिता “कौंटुंबिक हिंसाचार अधिनियम २००५, अधिनियमातील तरतुदी व महिलांची भूमिका”

(बार्टी) डॉ बाबासाहेब आंबेडकर संशोधन व प्रशिक्षण संस्था पुणे तर्फे, जिल्हा नियोजन सभागृह, जिल्हा अधिकारी कार्यालय, नागपूर येथे दि. २० नोव्हेंबर २०१५ नागपूर जिल्ह्यातील समतादुतांकरिता “मानवी हक्काची अंमलबजावणी व प्रशासनाची भूमिका”.

“Growth avenues for females & implementation of leadership skills for career progression” organized by Persistent Technologies, STPI, Nagpur on 29th Sep 2015.

(बार्टी) डॉ बाबासाहेब आंबेडकर संशोधन व प्रशिक्षण संस्था पुणे मार्फत भास्कर भवन, BSNL Ltd., सेमिनरी हिल्स, नागपूर येथे दि. 22 व २३ सप्टेंबर २०१५ नागपूर जिल्ह्यातील समतादुतांकरिता “सामाजिक समता व बंधुता आणि अनुसूचित जाती-जमाती (अत्याचार प्रतिबंधक कायदा) १९८९, मानवी हक्क व प्रशासनाची भूमिका”.

यशवंतराव चव्हाण प्रतिष्ठान मार्फत संत गजानन महाराज कॉलेज ऑफ इंजिनियरिंग, शेगाव येथे दि. २० सप्टेंबर २०१५ “देवस्थान न्यासांची सामाजिक जबाबदारी, देवस्थान ट्रस्ट संबंधी कायदे व सुधारणा” या विषयावर चर्चासत्र.

(बार्टी) डॉ बाबासाहेब आंबेडकर संशोधन व प्रशिक्षण संस्था पुणे मार्फत विभागीय आयूक्त कार्यालय, सभागृह, अमरावती येथे दि. १४ मे २०१५ व जिल्हा नियोजन सभागृह, जिल्हाधिकारी, कार्यालय, वर्धा येथे १५ मे २०१५ “संबंधित जिल्ह्यातील समतादुतांकरिता “अनुसूचित जाती-जमाती (अत्याचार प्रतिबंधक कायदा) १९८९, मानवी हक्क व प्रशासनाची भूमिका”.

“Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place” organized by Tirupati Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd. Nagpur on 10th Jan 2015.

Vidarbha Sahitya Sangh “ अनुभवकथन”

National thermal Power Corporation ( NTPC ) “ Women Empowerment”

Maharashtra Gandhi Smarak “ हिंदू कोड बिल आणि स्त्री मुक्ती विचार”

On “Awareness of Women Rights” at Kamla Nehru College, Nagpur University.

On “ Legal Awareness on Women issues” organized by Shri Mathruradas Mohta College of Science

“Crime Against Women” organized by सामाजिक सुरक्षा विभाग, गुन्हे शाखा, नागपूर .

विदर्भ साहित्य संघ नागपूर शाखेतर्फे गोंदिया येथे आयोजित ६२ व्या साहित्य संमेलनात कायदे क्षेत्रातील कार्याचे अनुभव कथन करण्यासाठी ‘वेगळ्या वाटेवरून चालतांना’ या कार्यक्रमातून प्रकट मुलाखात सुविख्यात साहित्यिका रेखा दान्दिगे घिया यांनी घेतली.

At National Conference on Violence Against Women: Security and Law “Role of judiciary” at North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon.

Maternal Death Pannel Member Organised by “Amhi Amachya Arogyasathi”, at Gadchiroli.

On “Jaat Panchayat” at Judges Training Centre “Utthan”, Thane.

On Akashwani All India Radio “महिलांची सुरक्षा व सामाजिक जबाबदारी”

At Prakruti Sanstha Nagpur on “महिलांविषयी कायदे व धोरणे”.

About Us

Practice Areas

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. - Martin Luther King, Jr.


  • Co-ordinator : Sahyog Trust (Pune)
  • Co-ordinator : HRLD (Human Rights & Law Defenders)
  • Treasurer : Swaraj Education Research Foundation ( NGO )
  • Advisor : SIMS (Swaraj Institute of Management Studies)
  • Legal Advisor : Ionics Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
  • Legal Advisor : Swaraj Metropark


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A skilled Adviser advice can help you understand the complex rules associated with business negotiations and partnerships, estate planning, adoption, will and trust drafting, tax strategies and much more.

Adviser improve their clients’ quality of life by protecting them from situations that might bring later plenty of emotional and financial hardship. We are set of qualified Lawyer to help those in trouble and those who want to avoid trouble in the future.

In many cases, you may be able to solve your problem without an advocate's help. If a company has wronged you, see if it has a customer service department. Often, a complaint can be settled to your satisfaction without having to find an Lawyer.

If a regulated industry (like a bank or insurance company) has wronged you, there is a state-run agency in charge of watching that industry that you can contact. This agency may be able to deal with the problem on your behalf. Community groups might also be able to offer you free advice on these types of legal matters.

On the other hand, sometimes an Lawyer's advice can be well worth the money. Lawyer can help ensure that you contact the right people first, and that you don't do something that will hurt your case later.

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Even if your "dream outcome" seems ridiculous, your advocate needs to be aware of it. After explaining your "dream outcome," you need to list all other possible outcomes that you would accept in the order that you would accept them. This will give your advocate something to shoot for as well as keeping him or her from settling for less than you expect.

Here are some things to bring up with your Lawyer as you discuss the possible outcomes you will accept in your legal matters:

When is the latest/earliest you want the legal matter attended to?
What is the minimum amount of settlement you will agree to?
What is the worst way you think your case can end?
What is the maximum amount in legal fees you want to pay?
By ranking acceptable outcomes with your advocate, you avoid the possibility of your advocate not obtaining the best possible outcome that you will accept. Be sure to give the advocate a chance to voice an opinion about your ranked outcomes.

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